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"DeLaina is a skilled leader in the education community. She has a strong voice and the ability to put innovative solutions into action. DeLaina has created a working environment that empowers her teachers and staff, resulting in increased productivity, job satisfaction and employee loyalty."


Sarah Weston, Director of Technology & OER at Mountain Heights Academy


"DeLaina opened the doors at Open High School/Mountain Heights and has been the reason for many of its successes. She is a Director who is passionate about education and, more importantly, innovation in education. She is a strong leader who excels in communication, mediating, and leading her faculty. Her professional demeanor is inspiring. DeLaina’s love for technology, along with her leadership abilities, make her superior in her profession. I strongly recommend DeLaina for any of her endeavors."


Amy Wadsworth, Former Electives Department Chair at Mountain Heights Academy


"DeLaina's leadership style motivates me to work hard. She validates and makes herself available, inspires confidence, proactively and assertively takes care of problems, and makes me feel valued as an employee. I feel comfortable knowing that she is charge of our school."


Ashley Webb, Computer Tech Teacher at Mountain Heights Academy




2009 - present

2009 - 2012

"DeLaina is intelligent, informed and action-oriented. She gets things done by leading out. She doesn't hesitate to roll up her sleeves to get things done. On top of all this, she's delightful to be with. She is a dynamic force for results."


David Acheson, Executive Management


"DeLaina was one of the most organized Legislative District Chairs in the party. During my time as a Precinct Chair, she always helped each of the chairs do a great job. I valued her vast knowledge and judgment as a leader representing me and my values at the highest levels. She was very successful in organizational skills and was a tremendous asset to those she worked with."


Paul Stay, Software Engineer


"DeLaina showed tremendous passion, drive and vision in her work with the Draper Youth Council.

For the years she served as chair she was able to take a good group and make it great."


Jeff Stenquist, Draper City Councilman

2007 - 2010

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